Right Brands, Right Places, Right Time

Brand Building and Brand Experiences

Simply put, in our business, consumers decide the brands that get to be everywhere. With a portfolio that’s second to none in the TBA industry, we’re privileged to offer the brands that people reach for when the time is right. Our relentless focus on creating great-tasting products that people love, and brands they relate to, makes everything we do possible.

Building our Powerhouse Portfolio

We are passionate producers of iconic beer, wine and spirits brands that consumers love, talk about and reach for—and that extend beyond the shelf. Building brands is critical for our success.

By marrying consumer preferences with the unique essence of each of our brands, we focus on delivering programs and experiences that generate consumer demand in the short term and increase brand equity over the long term. Building brands that people love increases our corporate equity and drives consumer loyalty, which propels higher repurchase rates and reduces price sensitivity. Collectively, this allows for more space and distribution, pricing power, and higher velocity.

Brand marketing remains a foundational driver of our success, and we continue to elevate our marketing in three ways:

  • We apply the same marketing discipline to building brands as we always have, both to our core brands and to grow our innovation in a thoughtful and consistent manner.
  • We continue to increase our marketing investment behind our growing brands. Over the last decade, we have tripled our investment in beer as we’ve seen a strong return on investment and exceptional growth momentum for the portfolio. This year, we are expanding our efforts in beer to include cause marketing platforms across core brands. Our top brand expansions—namely Corona Premier and Corona Familiar—will each receive a marketing boost, solidifying the brand family’s place as a top five overall and the top high-end brand family.
  • Just as we innovate with products, we seek to identify marketing innovation and ideas that drive deeper connections with consumers and that authentically complement the uniqueness of our brands. This includes a large investment in immersive brand experiences that invite and encourage brand affinity.

Deploying Brand Experiences

Through our marketing, we seek to elevate good times and help people enjoy life to the fullest. We aim to take experiences to the next level and tap into the promising opportunity to establish deeper connections with consumers and further our brand storytelling. Consumers want to feel understood, and that starts with the opportunity to engage with the brands and products they consume.

In beer, we’re investing ahead of growth for Pacifico, which is in its second year of national advertising. Local marketing efforts will increase in 15 key markets where the brand is primed for growth. National efforts will increase additional sponsorships, such as action sport sponsorships with the X Games and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Teams, and will introduce new brand experiences.

Wine culture likewise lends itself to immersive opportunities to educate and attract consumers. This year, we introduced The Prisoner Wine Company Tasting Lounge and The Makery in Napa, Calif., which has reaped dividends for this higher-end wine brand. The average person going to this experiential tasting room stays three times longer than a typical consumer in a tasting room. Outside of The Prisoner, expect to see increased marketing efforts surrounding our powerhouse wine portfolio, including Kim Crawford, Meiomi, Robert Mondavi, and Schrader.

High West Whiskey is proud of its history and hometown roots in Park City, Utah. This year they’re taking that brand pride and history on the road through the High West Whiskey Train. The train itself has a rich history in Utah. Given the state’s restrictive liquor laws, in the 1960s and 1970s there was an actual train that was governed by separate railroad laws where parties, full-strength drinks, and a whole different experience offered consumers a chance to enjoy spirits. Taking the train on the road offers connectivity to the brand by introducing a High West tasting experience to consumers.

IRI, Total U.S. Multi-Outlet + Convenience 52 weeks ending January 6, 2019