Building For The Future

As we continue to be the growth leader in the TBA category, it’s key that we are equipped with the facilities and tools that will enable our ongoing success in the most cost-effective and efficient ways. We stay ahead of consumer demand by building and planning for our future.


In Mexico, the capacity we have built in Nava, plus Obregon when its expansion is completed, will provide more than 400 million cases of beer, which is ample supply for several years to come.

  • Our Nava Brewery now functions at 30 million hectoliters of capacity and has a system-wide capacity of about 360 million cases. This incredible feat was completed on time and on budget, while providing enough supply to meet the growing demand for our beer portfolio.
  • We also continued the new expansion phase at our Obregon brewery with design, site work and utility installations in various phases of completion. Based on our progress to date, we now believe the new five million hectoliter expansion at Obregon will be completed ahead of schedule by the end of fiscal 2021, which is about one year ahead of the original timeline.
  • Construction is ongoing at Mexicali. With brewhouse tanks in place and warehouse and packaging buildings near completion, Mexicali’s build out continues with an expected completion
    by fiscal 2023.


    It’s not enough to innovate our products—we must also advance new opportunities for retail that put our products front and center where consumers are shopping. As traditional offline sales are increasingly influenced by online and mobile shopping, E-Commerce takes on an ever-more important role. It’s an emerging, fast-growing channel in consumer packaged goods and has influenced beverage alcohol E-Commerce trends, strategy, execution, capabilities, and talent.

    Since forming our E-Commerce team, we’ve stretched our traditional thinking and boundaries in our own organization to build knowledge and strength in four key areas:

    • Insights and Performance Measurement: We built out an understanding of online alcohol shopper behaviors and needs through Digital Path to Purchase research, and we’re working with retailers to make recommendations and ultimately help increase basket ring totals. We established a process to measure and track E-Commerce sales and performance to further our customers’ understanding of the E-Commerce channel size and opportunities.
    • Digital Shelf and Catalog Management: We established a digital repository for our E-Commerce-optimized product content and images so that assets can be easily downloaded by retailers. This ensures our brands are accurately displayed on retail websites and makes it easier for consumers to find and purchase our products.
    • Marketing and Collaboration: We digitized our marketing programs, media and assets to ensure we are equally driving purchase intent online and in-store. We collaborated with emerging startups to ensure our products are front-and-center as the attention economy and consumer landscape evolves.
    • Sales: We strengthened our retailer relationships with E-Commerce stalwarts and emerging marketplace disruptors to ensure our products play a key role in their growth.

    “We recognized that we need to go where consumers are going and they’ve gone digital. In order to continue to build great brands that consumers love and to ensure they are culturally and socially relevant, we have sharpened our focus and capabilities to winning online.”

    Wayne Duan, VP E-Commerce


    The capacity we have built in Nava, plus Obregon when completed, will provide more than 400 million cases of beer, which is ample supply for several years to come.